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Thames 21

Belvue School is now very pleased to be working in partnership with Thames 21. Thames21 is a charity that involves and educates local people in practical volunteering activities to care for rivers and waterways across Greater London. Thames21 facilitates the Brent Catchment Partnership a group of statutory public organisation, business and charities designed to deliver environmental enhancements in the River Brent catchment. For students at our school there will be plenty of opportunities to work with this charity for example We will learn how to improve the water quality of our local waterways by testing it and how to safely remove rubbish. How to plant native species and why it's important to do so Undertaking Accreditation and training to deliver safe and sustainable waterway improvement events. In being involved with this charity our students will be able to improve their understanding of why it's important to look after our environment, the role of a volunteer in local community projects, the social benefits of working with similar minded people and, for some of our students, the ability to help organising some volunteer events that will have the inevitable effect of improving their social communication skills. So far, a group has walked the length of the Coston's Brook (our nearest waterway) and planted some native species on the riverbank. Next term, the same group will attend an accredited training programme that if they pass will enable them to run a volunteer day at school. Working together we can improve the status of the River Brent within the Water Framework Directive.

For more information on Thames 21 please go to their website.

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