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Work experience is organised within Post 16 to give a purposeful and planned opportunity for young people to develop vocational and employability skills in a realistic working environment.  Work experience is also provided to enhance learners understanding of the expectations of the world of work. 

At Belvue High School there is a focus on work experience in Post 16, this is because we consider these pupils will benefit more from work experience than students at KS4, because in Post 16 they are better placed to begin preparation for progression into employment.  


The objectives of work experience are:


  • To provide a valuable and relevant experience of the work environment

  • To support the future career aspirations of learners

  • To support learners in demonstrating their potential to employers

  • To help young people develop employability skills

  • To support the overall development of learners

  • To ensure that work experience is purposeful for each student and linked to a clear set of learning outcomes for individual students

  • To introduce to potential employers the employability of our learners, to support in breaking down the barriers that prevent many young people with a learning disability, gain access to the work place.


Read more information in full by reading the  Work Experience Policy on the school's policy page. 

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