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As a learning community in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world our school community has decided that the focus for community cohesion and preventing radicalisation is the teaching of RESPECT:


R = right to freedom of speech and individual opinion within the rule of law

E= equality regardless of gender, disability, age, sexuality, race

S = support for those in need through the NHS, the benefits system and international aid

P = parliamentary democracy and the right to vote

E = enterprise, employment and the right to a minimum wage

C = community cohesion whilst respecting the right to be different

T = tolerance of others regardless of culture, religion or belief


These principles and values are delivered throughout the structured and extended curriculum by all staff including office, lunch time supervisors and visiting practitioners.  They are the principles that underpin our interactions with pupils, parents and partners of the school.   


See the full school policy on Guidance on teaching British Values please visit the school's policy page.



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