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Belvue School is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals who are committed to providing only the highest standards of education and support for our young people.


Working at Belvue is stimulating and extremely rewarding. Staff are initially recruited and deployed in order to utilise their areas of expertise and specific talents, however all staff receive a structured package of Continuous Professional Development in order to continue learning, growing and achieving their potential.


There is a strong culture based on practitioner research and reflective practice. Team meetings, training sessions, reflection time as-well as time for teacher and teaching assistant to work together are all valued and timetabled into the weekly schedule.


Belvue School encourages commitment to outstanding practice and provides progression incentives in the school Pay Policy to support this.  The school has also provided assistance to staff in funding some postgraduate and masters qualifications where possible and appropriate. Bursaries have also been provided to a number of action research projects undertaken by staff.


Any current vacancies will be advertised on this page and various advertising platforms. Due to safeguarding practices we can only accept applications using our application forms for both teaching and support staff.  It is essential that any new staff joining the team share the values and vision of the school and are both reflective practitioners and committed to life-long learning.

The school has an attractive recruitment and retention policy which is in keeping with the pay scales and increase recommended by the unions and local government. Please direct any queries to Claire Preston, Head of Business and Finance , Belvue School, Rowdell Road, Northolt, UB5 6AG


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