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The school recognises the importance of having close and meaningful partnerships with parents and carers. The vertical tutor system means that parents and carers meet with a tutor once a term to discuss the progress and wellbeing of the young person. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend school shows and celebration events. External funding has been sourced to facilitate both family learning and extended schools family trips. The school also has a dedicated family worker who provides a vast range of support to learner's families.


Therapists also work with families to allow support programmes to be integrated into the daily lives of the young people. The school has also produced a series of videos on basic signing and e safety for parents/carers to access online and refer to as frequently as needed to help develop their knowledge and understanding of some key issues. 

The following Links are recent articles written around E-safety which will feel parents may find helpful. 

Helplines available for young people

Correct sitting/working position for your child

Ways to improve hand dexterity

Ways to improve hand strength

How can i get my child to listen to me?

How can i help my child to understand?

Basic signing Food

Basic signing Questions

Working memory games 

Below are some useful links for students and families to support home learning. Start at the beginning and work your way up!

Grammar Explained – useful for parents and students

TES iboard – fun games to support phonics

Talking stories 1-3 – audio books with text support

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