About us

About us

Our Offer



Our Vision - "To be a centre of excellence for students with special educational needs to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential in all aspects of their adult lives"


Our Mission - "To ensure outstanding outcomes for all students by never underestimating the potential of each young person"


Our school motto is "A community learning together"


We will fulfill our vision and mission objectives through the delivery of our ASPIRE educational model;


A - Academic Excellence


S - Support, nurture and therapeutic care


P - Personalised pathways


I - Independence, life and work skills


R - Respect for all


E - Enrichment and Celebration


Each of these aspects have their own heading tab on this website where they are explained in more detail.



How we deliver exceptional Special Needs Education is described in detail in the SEN INFORMATION REPORT.

For further information about the services provider by the Local Authority please refer to the Local Offer available at https://www.ealingfamiliesdirectory.org.uk/kb5/ealing/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=0

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