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Over the years Belvue students transitioning from our Post 16 have changed. Historically, students from Belvue Post 16 transitioned to our then link college.

Things have changed drastically since and the range of transition options open to our Post 16 students from Belvue has increased.  

In the last few years and more recently we have been observing students (and their families) thinking carefully about the type of course or internship they would like to do (supported, semi-independent or a main stream course).


Even though some choices are still being made relating to the locality of a college (it is close to a person’s home); a friendship group (their friends are going to a particular college or undertaking a particular internship) or what they have heard (they know about someone who went somewhere previously) we support students and their families to explore all the alternatives.

Therefore, at Belvue we encourage our students and families to gain understanding of the opportunities that are available by speaking to Connexions, researching college courses and internships, visiting college open days, attending our transition evening and making their views known during their annual review in order for the borough to make a consultation (or more than one) to the placement they are hoping to join.

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