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Our Therapeutic Support Services are led and managed by Dawn Carmichael-John, Deputy Headteacher, and supported by Mike Baldwin (KS3 teacher) who co-ordinates and monitors the referral process.


The team offers a range of support to young people and the therapists and services include;

Education Psychology, Psychologist Emma Hill 

Speech and Language Therapy, Therapist Clare Woodhead, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday  

Speech and Language assistant, Victoria Garrett - Wednesday/Thursday 

Occupational Therapy, Elizabeth

CAMHS Specialist Nursing Support, Clinical Nurses TBC, Mondays and Wednesdays

Music Therapy, Therapist, Omar, Mondays

Specialist Family Support (Home-School Liaison), Family worker Denis O’Brien,  Support Family worker Elizabeth Niles Full-time

Counselling service, Counsellor,

Psychotherapy support, RESPOND therapist,  Tuesday and Wednesday

Careers and Transition support, Adel , Wednesdays

Communication Support, Selina Devine

Behaviour Support, Mark Squire 

Sexual health Support, School nurse, Sam 


Programmes of support are designed and developed through close partnerships between therapists, tutor and class teachers. The school leadership team monitor the impact that the support services have on individual students. Therapists provide updates and reports for parents and invite them to support therapy programmes at home where appropriate. If parents or carers feel that their child would benefit from a referral to any of the support services they should discuss this with the tutor. There is a high demand for these support services however the school monitors the allocation of therapist time to not only ensure that those who urgently need interventions receive them but that as a general principle access to the services is fairly distributed.

In September 2018, we have introduced a therapy dog within school.  This is done informal and can be accessed by  all the school. To find out the positive impact a therapy dog can have on the students please see below:

Therapy and Support Services Team

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