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At Belvue High School we recognise that transition from Primary school to Secondary school is a critical time for all young people. They will be leaving teachers that they have formed some valuable bonds with and in many cases may be leaving friendships behind. This is why a lot of thought and time has gone into our transition process to ensure that we are supporting these children as much as possible. We have spent time building good relationships with our feeder schools to ensure that we have open lines of communication so that students have the best opportunity to understand High School life before they start at Belvue High School.


 The following is an explanation of our transition process:

  • The Local Authority sends us information about potential students. This includes their statement /EHCP and other relevant paperwork such as Educational Psychology reports.

  • The transition co-ordinators and the KS3 managers review all the paperwork, to identify the needs of the individual student. They will then arrange for a member of staff to visit the child within their primary school or invite them to an assessment morning. From this process they will then make recommendations to the Local Authority about whether Belvue School would be a suitable place for the individual.

  • We hold prospective parent open mornings.  This provides us with the opportunity to explain how our school functions. This also allows parents to ask any questions and have a look round the school.

  • All potential students are welcome to come and look round the school and to see what the other students are doing.

  • New students are invited to come to Belvue to watch our whole school show.

  • In July the new student will have an induction day where they will spend time with their teachers and teaching assistants and class mates.

  • Each student will have a transition book to look at during the summer holiday. This will include pictures of the school and some friendly faces.

  • We value relationships with parents, therefore we have are happy to discuss a child’s needs with their parents and teachers.


Please see the Transition Policy for information about transition through the Key Stages within Belvue High School.

Parents will receive all the information related to Transition in the post before their child is due to start. Please refer to the following link which contains useful information for new parents about school uniform, timings of the day and  extra-curricular activities, including after school clubs.  A Guide for New Parents.


Please watch our Virtual Tour

Transition from KS3 to KS4

Belvue School prides itself on the friendly and positive relationships with the school both with staff and students. Both KS3 and 4 work closely with each to ensure that the lines of communication and support systems are effective. The staff members come together to have both learning and behavioural meeting once a week. Through the vertical tutor groups and mentoring students will build positive relationship with the older students. KS3 student follow a functional curriculum that prepares them for the curriculum of KS4. They also have the opportunity to experience the different option learning courses that are provided in KS4, which prepares them for taking their options.



Transition from KS4

At Belvue High School we recognise that transition from secondary school to college or an alternative provision is a critical time for all our young people. During KS4 the students are prepared for this transition through all areas of the curriculum. The students follow a functional curriculum that supports the challenges and demands of the workplace and society. They follow and gain accreditations for courses, which are recognised by colleges as well as being transferable onto relevant college courses.  The students gain leadership and mentoring skills through supporting the younger students in their vertical tutor group.

Sex Relationship Education supports the children in becoming respectable adults who can build health relationship with others.



Transition beyond Belvue College

We firmly believe that a part of our role here at Belvue is to ensure that students leave us with the ability to be ready for the world beyond Belvue College.  We provide them with as many opportunities as we can for them to experience different environments and places of work possibilities.  We also take students on visits to local colleges and share information about internships to show them a variety of options available to them.  A part of the Post 16 program is also work experience, where the students are able to go out into a working environment and develop work related skills and confidence. Please refer to our careers and pathways guidance page for more information.

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