Post 16


The Belvue College Post 16 is now based at the Ken Acock site on Carr Road.

In 2017/18 we had only one permanent class based there, but in 2018/19 when the building was finally complete we were able to successfully accommodate all of our students in six classes.

All students who attend Belvue High School have an automatic two years in Post 16.

We also accept students from other schools, either in or out of the borough of Ealing with a EHC Plan.

All students continue to study English, maths, physical education and personal, social, health and relationship education, as core, alongside enrichment activities and a selection of additional useful vocational subjects. 

These subjects have been put together by school staff in conjunction with a number of community partnerships.  The aim of these internal and external programmes is not only to allow students to gain practical skills to improve employability prospects but also to develop confidence in integrating into the wider community and therefore maximise their own future independence and well-being.


​Current opportunities include:

Catering, running an industrial kitchen, preparing meals for the students and staff at the college one day a week

Catering and Hospitality course at Southall College

Clementina Day Care Centre, improving social and communication skills by supporting elderly residents at a local day care centre

Community Projects, working with and supporting a number of local community groups e.g. Catalyst Housing, Canal & River Trust 

Glass Making Enterprise, delivering community workshops from the Welshore Hub shop in West Ealing High Street

Grounds maintenance, looking after and maintaining the grounds of the college

Hanwell Zoo, working and helping to take care of the animals and assisting to maintain the enclosures and equipment.

Horticulture at the Belvue Allotment, planting, caring for and maintaining the school’s local allotment attached to the college

NHS Trust Ealing, various work experience opportunities

Retail course at Southall College

The Litten Nature Reserve in Greenford, helping to maintain the local nature reserve with the park rangers

​ ​

Post 16 are situated at the following address:       

                                                                                                                                     Belvue  College @ Ken Acock,

                                                                                                                                     Carr Road,


                                                                                                                                     UB5 4RE

                                                                                                                                     Tel: 0208 422 0372

You can keep updated on Post16 activities and events in our monthly newsletter found below. 


Our Belvue College Bank was introduced last academic year and proved a great success, click here for further information on the Banking system.





Brent Lodge park

Catering and Hospitality course at Southall College

Looking after the schools local allotment

The Litten in Greenford

The Welshore HUB West Ealing High Street