Grounds and Woodlands


At Belvue School we are very proud of our grounds and woodlands. Students love spending time outside in our fantastic playground which has an exciting climbing frame and tower, tunnels, outdoor gym, amphitheatre space and a bike track with some amazing bikes and trikes. Students run the school shop in the playground at breaktime selling refreshments and seasonal items. The latest edition to the playground is a large basket type swing. There is a market garden where students grow fruit and vegetables. To the rear of the playground is the entrance to our very own woodlands which consist of trails, sculptures, yurt tent and quiet areas for learning or animal watching. In addition to this the school is located next to the spectacular Northala Fields and Hills and groups are regularly taken here for activities and exercise.

Why is outdoor learning so important?


At Belvue we recognise the importance of Outdoor Learning and how crucial this is to child development. Research evidence shows that learning outside the classroom can have a powerfully motivating effect on young people and a beneficial impact on learning, understanding, behaviour and well-being and health.  

For many young people, particularly those with learning difficulties, it is not sufficient to acquire knowledge without seeing its relevance to themselves and the world around them. Therefore they learn better though practical experience and acquire their knowledge and understanding through real-life tasks that stimulate their natural curiosity. This ensures that the knowledge, skills and understanding take on a deeper meaning and help to raise achievement. 

Read some of the summaries of the research in this National Trust paper.