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Belvue events are getting close!!

The next 5 weeks leading up to Christmas is a very busy time for students and staff at Belvue.

Monday the 23rd of November starts Science week where the students will be exploring science through discovery. Many of our year 7 students will also be away at their first residential this week!

Thursday the 26th of November is our first Night School! The students are getting very excited for our night time activities!

Thursday the 3rd of Decemeber is our School Show called 'Cinders' which the post 16 students have been working very hard on. Following the show our 3 house groups will each be preforming a song.

Wednesday the 9th of Decemeber is Belvue's first whole school trip for this academic year. The school will be heading into the city to watch the magical world that is Roald Dahl's Matilda.

... and to prepare for christmas during our last week of school on;

Tuesday the 15th is the school's Christmas Bazaar.

Wednesday the 16th is the Belvue's Carol Concert.

Thursday the 17th is Christmas Lunch.

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