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Everyday Science by 4WP

4WP had a fantastic week filled with activities surrounding every-day science. Learners took part in an array of experiments and workshops to help them realise how science affects our everyday lives. Learners learned about solids and liquids by making sugar crystals and candy clowns. They made windmills and discovered how electricity is conducted through fruits. One of the more popular activities was a guest performer who demonstrated magic tricks about the elements (air, earth, fire and water) and the science behind them. 4WP also made smoothies and learned about modern-day technology. A week full of activities was topped off with a trip to the Science Museum.

our students comments:

“I liked making the candy clowns and licking my fingers after which, were covered in sugar…yummy!!!”

“I liked making the sugar crystals and have enjoyed watching them grow every day!”

“I liked the magic show”

“I liked making the candy clowns and the watching the magic man who made the table float”

“I liked making the windmills”

“I liked going on the trip to the Science museum and looking at all of the things there.”

“The magic man made me excited and laugh”

“I like candy clowns”


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