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Whilst we’re all self-isolating and spending much of our time indoors, nature carries on regardless. In the wood spring has sprung; what two weeks ago were bare trees are now in leaf, and wild flowers are blooming. Over recent years the students have cleared a lot of ground ivy and this is now paying dividends. Seeds that have been dormant for years, maybe decades, are now sprouting, and we’ve primroses, lesser celandine, and snowdrops sprouting. One of the students’ tasks is to add to and improve the biodiversity in the woods; over the past five autumns they’ve planted over 3,000 bluebells (these are now beginning to sprout), and our crocuses are also in flower. In bird boxes built by students we have nesting birds. By the woodland classroom, we’ve great tits nesting for the second year. Elsewhere in the woods we’ve nesting robins, wrens, and blackbirds. So, when the students return, the woods will look very different. It will be full of wildlife, colour and scent, waiting to welcome them.

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