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Student Council Meeting

On Thursday our student council met for the second time.

Students received feedback from our senior management team (Ms O'Shea) about the topics discussed in the last meeting. Which was as follows;

Astro turf in muga – will cost approx. £25,000, so currently not an option but not completely off the agenda.

More school trips – all tutors are going out 25th may, teachers encouraged to take class out on educational trips more often.

Longer VT – will not have enough time for the required amount of lessons (5 english and maths, 3 science, 2 PE etc.), unless we have longer school hours, which was met with a resounding NO!

The topics discussed this time were;

A different place to do PE - for the reasons

  • Not much space

  • not enough time to tidy up after or to set up before a PE class because of lunch time

  • Nicer to have more space

  • Safer, not rushing.

More own clothes days - for the reasons

  • Nice to wear own clothes

  • Feel normal

  • Independent

  • Giving more money to charities

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