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Arts Week

Earlier in the term Belvue held its annual Arts Week. The handmade arts and crafts that were produced were fantastic and the students had a great time! The students were lucky to also be able to spend some of their time with visiting artists.

At the end of the week each house group moved between the hall, the art room and the woods to look at all the different masterpeices created by their friends and peers.

It was a very successful week!

Below are some of the different activities that students did.

Round House

Mr Baldwin

Last week 4SW, 4WP, and 4TOR worked through rain and shine to help build a Celtic roundhouse in our wood. Made from second-hand materials left over from our playground redevelopment a few years ago, we learned about the importance of reusing rather than throwing things away. The students learned how to safely use axes, bow-saws, auger drills, and how to carry heavy and long loads.

The structure of the roundhouse is now finishes, and over the coming year we will finish the roof and walls, and add a fire pit to keep us warm.

String Foil Art

Ms Eggins

Students created either straight or curvy lines with the string by sticking it to the cardboard. Then covered the card with tin foil and pressed down until the lines of the string were visible. After this students used a number of coloured permanent marker pens to colour or create patterns on their designs. Each piece of art was different and completely original.

Friendship Bracelets

Ms O'Connor

We made friendship bracelets. Some of us made bracelets by threading beads onto a piece of string and some of us made bracelets by plaiting some thread.

Coil Pots

Mr Futtit

Students were shown how to make a circular base for their pots. They then had to knead clay into long coils or ‘worms’. They then wrapped these around the base in their chosen pattern. They pots are now drying then students will be able to paint them and take them home.

Painting Plates

Ms Buchan

Taking inspiration form the woods 4CC and 3MB painted lovely leaf designs on their plates. Stunning colours were chosen and all pupils were pleased with their results. Other groups such as 5JG selected flower motifs and again produced amazing art work.

Students used glass paints in an array of bright colours. Afterwards the plates were “cooked” in the oven to make them washproof.


Ms Winwright

Students participated in the traditional body art of mehndi. They created their designs on paper first and these were then adapted so that they could be drawn on their hands using henna. The young people chose many different designs such as flowers, diamonds and other repeating patterns. The girls were keen to have softer lines with more curves and the boys created more straight lined and thicker designs.

Snow Globes

Mr Procko

As a timely reminder of the once frigid winter, students captured sea creatures in jars & created snow globes.

Chollah Rolls

Mr Shipton

These are a plaited bread loaf traditionally eaten by the Jewish on Shabbat. They have a shiny dark brown crust coated with poppy or sesame seeds and is often sweeter than regular bread.

Hand Stamped Cookies

Ms Cole

One of the benefits of cooking at Belvue during Arts week is the chance to get a bit more creative and that is what the students did. Different flavour combinations were tested and with some exciting results. 5SP created coconut and dark chocolate as well as cranberry and white chocolate. Other groups enjoyed using the ‘eat me’ stamp which gave a very authentic handmade appearance.

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