Science at Belvue







Since the building of our new science laboratory in 2013 and the placement of a Science Specialist, science has gone through a big change!  We want to provide the best opportunities for our young people through a curriculum that is exciting, engaging, relevant and challenging.  


Curriculum overview for KS3 and KS4

Outcomes for KS3 year 1

Outcomes for KS4 



At KS3 we follow the National Curriculum for KS3.  Please note that the outcomes for the units in year 2 and 3 will be added shortly.



At KS4 we follow an accredited Entry Level programme that consists of 6 topics. Students have to submit three pieces of coursework and three exams to complete the award.

We supplement the challenge for our KS4 students with some specially written Level 1 units that are certificated by an exam board


If you have any queries about science, you can contact the Science Subject Leader, Mrs Wadhwa-Brown, through the school reception.