The Arts at Belvue


The arts are more than curricular subjects at Belvue School.  They are the foundation for engaging, inspiring and motivating pupils throughout their school life.  In Key Stage 3 and 5 all pupils have lessons in the creative arts.  In Key Stage 4 all pupils have the option of following a range of creative subjects.  The skills developed in Drama, Music, Dance, Media and the Visual Arts are transferable throughout the wider curriculum and support pupils’ transition into adult life.


The school has embarked on a four year project, Rhapsody in Ealing, funded by Exchanging Notes in partnership with Drake Music. Drake Music enables disabled people of all ages to explore, compose and perform music at every level, participate fully and make music independently.


Rhapsody in Ealing is a really exciting project which provides opportunities for learners to work on a one to one basis with an experienced musician to learn to play an instrument.  The project also provides an experience musician to work with our music co-ordinator to review our current practice to ensure that all learners maximise their engagement in music.


At Belvue School all pupils participate in two school shows a year and have opportunities to attend a variety of creative activities, as part of our extended schools offer including theatre visits, drama and cheerleading clubs.