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Belvue's Student Council meets.

During Fridays assemebly Belvue held it's first student council for the year.

At the end of last term students met in tutor groups and discussed issues and points of interest about the school. A few weeks later they met in house groups and voted on which of these issues to discuss further in the whole school student council. meeting

At the whole school council each house group (represented by a KS3, KS4 and KS5 student) brought forward one point of interest each. Each person in the council had a chance to agree or disagree with the point brought forward and explain their answer.

At the end of each discussion the council voted whether to carry the topic to the next team, being Ms O'Shea and the senior leadership team.

Their were 8 students present in the council.

The first topic that was carried with a vote of 7 for and 1 against was from Sycamore. They discussed needing astro turf in the muga to prevent injuries and make it more enjoyable to play in.

With another vote of 7 for and 1 against, Horse Chestnut's topic was carried. They disscussed wanting more school trips so that students could get more life experience and learn about going out in public. 1 counciler did disagree beleiving Belvue already offers a range of school trips throughout the year.

With 6 votes for and 2 against Oak's topic was also carried. Hoping to get longer VT times so students have more time to spend with friends. 2 of our councilers disagreed on this topic both stating that longer VT times would take away from learning and class time.

Each of these topics will be brought to Ms O'Shea for further discussion and any information or actions taken will be discussed at the next student council.


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